The University of Lodz Training and Conference Centre is located at 16/18 Kopcinski Street in the city centre. A representative walking street, the main street of Lodz  Piotrkowska Street, the Opera House, the Musical Theatre and Lodz Kaliska railway and bus station can be found close to the Centre. It is situated along the route from Warsaw to Katowice.

Travel: trams (T) No.: 7, 9, 12, 13; buses (A) No.: 70, 85, 96

The other buildings belonging to the Centre at 26 Rogowska Street and 2 Piaskowa Street are located close to each other in the beautiful Lagiewniki Forest. They are situated within the administrative boundaries of Lodz and on the border of a charming scenic complex belonging to the Scenic Park of Lodz Elevation. Their picturesque location is most favourable for creative work and also recreation. The centre of water sports ARTUROWEK a perfect place for relaxation both in summer and during sunny days of other seasons can be found nearby. We can recommend attractive walking routes and open-air recreation to our guests.

Travel: from Dabrowski Square by bus (A) No. 60.